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Slick Trick Razor Trick

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A Traditional Trick that flies like a dream and carves up animals. The RAZORTRICK is patterned after an old Indian arrowhead. Outstanding low energy head cutting hide and flesh. Great hog penetrator with 4 blade hole.


Ferrule: Super Steel
Availability: 85gr, 100gr, 125gr
Cut: 1-1/8" + 7/8" = 2" Total Blade Cut
Bladelock: Deadbolt - Patented
Tip: Cut on Contact
Flight: Field Point, Most Bows


When you screw a TRICK on an arrow with the Alcatraz Bladelock or Deadbolt Bladelock it has the strength of a one piece 4 blade head. However unlike one piece heads, you have the option of resharpening or replacing blades or ferrule. Most choose to just quickly and inexpensively replace blades.  Some people seem to have a knack for sharpening and some don’t. For those who wish to resharpen there are 3 TRICKS for sharpening to shaving sharp.

  • Keep the same angle, 24 or 25 degrees is fine for a sharp, strong bevel.
  • Use many light strokes.
  • Finish with an extra fine hone.
  • Using this method, any sharpener properly used will work.  A Lansky, Gatco, KME or other sharpener that holds the same angle works best for most people. You will do best purchasing the extra fine hone for a shaving sharp finish.
    If the ferrule tip is blunted on a rock, take the blades out. Grasp the ferrule base with your thumb and middle finger, and put your forefinger on the upper flat side of the 4-sided tip. Now simply slide the bottom flat side of the tip forward on any sharpening stone. Use even pressure and the same number of strokes on all 4 sides to sharpen back to a point. The tip is hollow ground, so the edges of the tip will sharpen quickly. Of course a file works fine too.  After taking the finish off the tip you can use a magic marker to color it and stop rust.


    For ultimate sharpness, or to touch up blades, you can make a strop by gluing a piece of a leather belt rough side up on a board. Simply draw the blade across the leather dragging the edge, alternating sides. Herbs Yellowstone is  an excellent polish to apply to the leather for best results; Google to purchase.

    MERCEDES BLADES are CUSTOM KNIFE GRADE made by LUTZ in Solingen, Germany, known for making surgical blades.  They are a high carbon stainless steel.  Like your knife, even though blades are stainless, exposure over time can degrade the edge a bit. You may put a bit of Pam, 3-in-1 oil, mineral oil, vaseline, possum grease or whatever on the edges for protection. As a bit of additional advice, after shaving set your razor in a glass with olive oil. You will be surprised how they stay sharper longer and will save money to spend on bowhunting.

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