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The following Barnett Predator Crossbow review will examine some of this device’s key features, its packages as well as its overall popularity among crossbow enthusiasts. As far as main characteristics go, the Barnett Predator is all about speed and power. Also, given its unique design and killing power, the Predator is a relatively unique in the world of Crossbow design.


PSE Drive LT

This is the most affordable proline series bow PSE has ever offered, but it does not come at the expense of technology. 336 feet per second with a forgiving 7-inch brace height are wonderful specifications for a hunting bow. Add a smooth draw, and quiet release, and the Drive LT becomes an extremely desirable rig and one of the best values for 2014.


PSE Source

The PSE Source may not be the flagship bow for 2014, but it has a ton to offer interested shooters in terms of speed, forgiveness, and shootability. The Source cams are very adjustable for feel and personal preference, while still maintaining the high level performance PSE is known for.


PSE Prophecy

PSE is known for creating smooth drawing speed bows and the Prophecy is not different. The Prophecy is one of the fastest single cam bows ever produced and is offered with plenty of useful technology at an affordable price.


PSE Premonition

PSE has decided to listen to what shooters truly want in a hunting bow. For a while now, the demand or a hunting bow has been toward a compact shorter axel-to-axel bow with good speed ratings, and a limb stop draw stop system. The new Source cam fits almost every shooter with a range of draw lengths between 24 1/2- 30-inches, has a great amount of adjustability and customizable feel for the draw cycle, and generates 344 feet per second.


PSE Verge & Verge Stiletto Review

Shooters with short draw lengths have to depend on a bow designed for longer draw lengths, which severally impacts the performance. The Verge is designed with short draw archers in mind meaning the power stroke along with the performance is best with draw lengths between 22-27-inches. The bow is decently fast shooting 300 feet per second set at 27-inches. With a compact design and a 30-inch axel-to-axel measurement the Verge is ideal for many different hunting situations requiring a smaller rig for maneuverability.



The 2013 PSE DNA won the OutdoorLife Editor's Choice Award, with the only minor complaint from shooters focused on the draw cycle being a little harsh. For 2014, PSE engineers corrected that by making a smooth pull option for one of the most popular bows of 2014. Built off the same wonderful platform, the SP version still flings arrows at an impressive IBO speed of 345, while maintaining a lightweight, compact package.


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